Here are some of the common mistakes learners of English make

  1. Subject-verb-object word order. For example, the cat drinks the milk NOT the cat the milk drinks.
  2. Mixing up the pronouns "he" and "she". They do sound similar but he is masculine and she is feminine.
  3. Prepositions are an endless battle.
  4. Mass nouns. These are nouns that appear to be "singular", but refer to more than one thing. For example, "Let me give you some advice. Always wear three layers of clothes in Scotland and bring a warm coat and waterproof shoes."

Watch the video to correct your mistakes in English

Try the quiz below to improve your English

Sally ________ rose gold sparkling shoes every day.

Jonny ______ going to the beach so he can go surfing.

Tomorrow, I'm _______ visit my aunt.