So what is the difference between for and since?

Simply, we use for when we mention the length of time. For example, "I've been in Edinburgh for 3 days". We use since when we mention a specific point in time in the past. For example, "I've been here since Saturday afternoon."

Here are some common examples you might hear

Question: Have you worked at ECS long?

Answer: I've been here since 2012.

Question: How long did you live in Italy?

Answer: Oh, for about 2 years.

Question: What have you done since you left university?

Answer: Many things, I've worked in a bank, travelled and bought a house.

Watch the video and try the examples below.

I've been a doctor _______ 15 years.


We've been friends _______ 2012.


They've lived in Edinburgh _______ March.


I haven't seen Tom _______ last year.


We've lived in Scotland ______ 5 years.


I've been studying English _______ 10 years.